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  Saturday December 03, 2016
   seagrass Rugs

You can now buy superior natural seagrass rugs online at our groundbreaking sister website, The Natural Rug Store. Choose from exciting seagrass rug designs or design your own using the Rug Builder.

seagrass Rugs

Seagrass Rugs

View Seagrass Rugs at The Natural Rug Store

Funky Rugs sister website The Natural Rug Store offers a range of exciting seagrass rug designs and truly unique service where you can design your own seagrass rug online using high quality seagrass, then customise it with a choice of hundreds of quality borders including high leather, worn leather, suede, cotton, moot, picallo, tapestry and more.

You can even view your seagrass rug creations on simulated flooring for a feel of how they will look in your own home. You can use the online cost calculator to get an exact price for your rug based on your size requirements, and then order online!

About Seagrass Rugs - Only the finest quality seagrass makes the grade for our amazingly textural, tactile designs. As its name suggests, grass and seawater play an important part in the production of seagrass. Grown in Chinese paddy fields flooded with seawater before harvesting, the fibres are dried, then spun into a strong yarn suitable for weaving. Chinese seagrass is the finest quality, and as the process is relatively unsophisticated, natural inconsistencies are left in the weave which add rather than diminish from its overall beauty.

Natural beauty and an amazing feel combined with an inherent strength and stain resistance means our seagrass rugs can be used widely. It comes in fine and a standard yarn, in a choice of original weave, basketweave or herringbone.

Click here to visit The Natural Rug Store


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