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Saturday, December 3, 2016

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Funky Rugs UK has the UK's finest collections of leather and cow hide rugs currently available. In addition to our exclusive selection of high quality cowhide rugs, we offer 100% New Zealand wool sheepskin rugs, fabulous leather shaggy rugs and designer patchwork leather rugs.

Leather Rugs

If you enjoy the rich look and supple feel of leather then you’re going to love our selection of leather rugs.ade from genuine leather, these leather rugs will go with any furniture or decor.For a sleek, stylish and smart look, dress a room or office with durable leather rugs.

Cow Hide Rugs

Cow hide rugs are like works of floor art that accentuates interior living spaces and are well suited for small spaces which makes them especially popular for apartments and dorm rooms.  In addition, they match the rich heritage of old-world furnishings just as well as the more modern furniture popular with individuals preferring a more contemporary urban atmosphere.  Since no two cow hide rugs are exactly alike, each one is completely unique further adding to their appeal.rowse our selection of unique cowhide rugs.

Sheepskin Rugs

It’s hard to beat the soft, warm and comfortable feel that sheepskin rugs provide.o, known as lambskin and wool rugs, they are available in numerous shades and sizes making them a great fit for any room in your home.nterestingly, sheepskin rugs are considered by some to be therapeutic for the skin.n addition, sheepskin rugs are naturally flame resistant, static free and they repel small dust and dirt particles. Explore our selection of sheepskin rugs.

Cowhide Rugs
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Sheepskin Rugs
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Leather Rugs
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