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Saturday, December 3, 2016

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   Round Rugs & Circular Rug Collection

Rugs are more than simply floor decoration, they create ambience and brighten up the living space. Placing an attractive round rug under an antique table can give any room the old world charm that it has been yearning for.

Shapes are very important to interior designers that like to think outside the box to make a room look special. Funky Rugs UK has new trend-setting circular designs handmade from the finest New Zealand wool. In addition, we can mix your own custom colour which will create a personal eye-catching round rug design that will certainly become the focal point for your fashionable interior.

You can buy round rugs in different sizes and vibrant colours that will be sure to perk up any room. Or, go back in time with a retro feel of the plush, deep piles that you get from round shaggy rugs. These luxurious circular rugs will add warmth and nostalgia to the living space.

click to see the rugs in the Rug Couture Cowhide Circle Collection range

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